Five Balls Black Floor Lamp


Five Balls Black Floor Lamp. Many light sources make a room cosy and give it structure. That’s where this beautiful standard lamp comes into play. Five Balls brings atmosphere into the room with five light sources grouped together like a bouquet of balloons. Its high-quality materials make the lamp an elegant showpiece, even when switched off. 230 V, 50/60 Hz, bulb fitting E14, number of illuminant 5, max. 25 watt, without illuminant

• Large floor lamp with five arms in black and white and with glass spheres as shades
• The white lampshades provide indirect, soft light
• In a black and white look it’s a clear commitment to expressive design and will also match the Art Déco style
• Simple but impressive: the design with five glass shades in a soap bubble look for LED bulbs (not included)
• Sturdy base in black lacquered steel that provides stability
Weight: 8.4 kg

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